Best Android VR Apps Of 2017

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    Best VR Apps Of 2017

    1. Google Cardboard VR App:
    Google Cardboard VR App
    This is the official VR app to be used with the Google Cardboard headset but that doesn’t mean this VR app won’t work ewith other VR Headsets. The Google Cardboard VR App comes with introduction to VR and a view of Google Earth to a view of the Artic, asides these this VR app also contains a list of other VR Apps that supports the Google Cardboard VR Glasses. Additionally, the Google Cardboard VR app lets you view your videos, photospheres, and other VR content stored on your device. By the way the Google Cardboard VR App is free and available on the playstore.
    2. Youtube App
    Yes the Youtube app(at least the latest) in itself supports Virtual Reality and is a VR app in some way. Once you have the Youtube app installed on your device and your device supports virtual reality, you can with the help of your VR headset watch Youtube channels that are exclusively for VR viewing. These Virtual Reality contents on Youtube are offered by specific channels, they feature VR content such as ranging, from wildlife to music videos and lots other virtual reality content you could watch on Youtube with the Youtube app acting as VR app for your android and headset. To get such VR content, the easiest way to find such channel is by including ‘360’ or ‘VR’ to your search term/keyword.
    3. VRSE
    VRSE VR App
    VRSE is an excellent VR app that features VR contents like movies, music videos, documentaries and lot other features. The founders of VRSE VR app started it in hope to serve the excited VR lovers with quality Virtual Reality content from documentaries and movie makers who want viewers to feel their movies and like you’re part of it. VRSE is a free to download VR app available on the Google Playstore.

    4. FullDive VR
    FullDive VR App
    FullDive VR is the only android VR app on this list that cuts across almost all angles. FullDive VR and VR apps has features that support playing VR videos from Youtube, sourcing and letting you wathc VR content from around the world, an inbuilt VR video player, it also has camera, photo gallery, and a market place to take VR images and surf for more VR apps and games, finally FullDive VR app has a VR internet browser to let you browse the internet in virtual reality. What a cool VR App to have. FullDive VR app is free on the Google Playstore.

    5. Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story
    Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story
    Sisters VR app is the first virtual reality game on this list of best VR apps of 2017, it’s a ghost story about the sisters who once lived in an evil mansion. Coincidentally(maybe not), you’re now in this evil mansion, Can you survive this? the horror would be terrifying to anybody who plays this virtual reality game, the question is to what degree of terror would it be? Good thing Sisters is free to download and play on the Google Playstore.

    6. Cardboard Camera
    Cardboard Camera VR
    Cardboard Camera VR app is the Google Cardboard VR camera app that lets you take VR pictures that you can view in virtual reality. The Cardboard Camera VR app is really easy to use, all that is required is download, install and take pictures. While as usual the first pictures taken with the Cardboard Camera VR app would not be amazing and stunning but once you get used to it and how to effectively the VR camera app you’d start aking amazing pictures with the Cardboard Camera VR app. Of course, the Cardboard Camera VR app is free to download on the Google Playstore.

    7. NYT VR
    NYT VR App
    This is the VR app by the New York Times to showcase some of their reports in virtual reality, the NYT VR app features New York Times reports from all various parts of the world and al. You’d love the NYT VR app if you’re already a fan. Like most of the VR apps already reviewed the NYT VR app is free on the Google Playstore.

    The above reviewed VR apps are the few we can review now but that doesn’t mean they’re the only VR apps available rather they’re at the top of the list of best VR apps of 2017, this is because virtual reality has not yet been accepted completely it’s still a nascent ‘thing’. Many people don’t even know if their smartphones supports VR but be sure I’ll write about that soon, watch out for it.
    Notable mentions VR apps:
    Are there any VR app you feel should be in the list of 2017 best VR apps? Don’t hesitate to share it with us


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