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    Best Movie Apps For Android

    No doubt our smartphones are here to stay especially as they’re now our go to device for virtually everything, watching and downloading movies included, that is the more reason am sharing with you the best movie apps you should download to give you the best of movies on your android in high quality.

    While the following movie apps in the list of best movie apps for android, are not arranged in any hierarchical order, some of the movies apps are than others in soem ways such as having free download, fast streaming, larger movie catalog, higher movie quality and lots other features of movie apps listed here. But over all they’re all good movie apps to download and try out for your entertainment.

    Best Movie Apps For Android

    1. Showbox Movie App

    This is the most talked about movie app in the past one year especially as it’s a free a free movie app, showbox movie app offer lots of features to movie lovers reason it’s popularity has grown so much that it made it to the number position of the best movie apps. Download Showbox from Google Playstore.

    2. MovieHD

    MovieHD movie app is the next on our list of best movie apps for android, this is becaus eit supports lots of features such as screencasting, you can cast the screen of the app while watching a movie to your display/tv or whatever device you use that supports it. MovieHD movie app lets you download movies in HD and is also free to download on the Google Playstore.

    3. Mobdro

    Mobdro movie app unlike other movie apps on this list of Best Movie Apps For Android is more versatile, this app is not just a movie app but something I could describe as an entertainment hub/app for android users since it offers more than an average movie app, Modbdro movie app offers features such as movies, sports, news, movies and lots other stuffs that could entertain you, whether you’re a movie lover or one who prefers live sports there’s alwasy something entertaining for you in the Mod=bdro movie app. No womder it made it to the list of Best Movie Apps For Android. Mobdro movie app is free on the Google Playstore.

    4. Popcorn Time

    Popcorn Time is an awesome movie app with a larger number of available movies to be streamed live this is because it gets links from open directory of movies and lets you stream these movie live on your mobile phone. Popcorn Time movie app works like a BitTorrent client that includes a built in movie player app. The Popcorn Time movie app provides a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services like Netflix, the reaosn it was once called the competitor to Netflix. Popcorn Time movie app is free to download.

    5. TerrariumTv App

    TerrariumTv movie app has been touted as a Showbox movie app killer because it seems to come with all the features of Showbox movie app and more. So if you’ve been a fan of Showbox movie app but feel Showbox isn’t offering all that you expect from the movie app, I think it’s time you try out a supposedly better alternative TerrariumTv movie app. Features in TerrariumTv movie app that isn’t present in Showbox, Hosting movies in different cloud services such as Google Drive, ability to fetch subtitle with the use of an addon and also download HD movies directly form the TerrariumTv movie app. Remember you need a VPN app to use TerrariumTv app. It’s free to download.

    The 5 movie apps above are the free movie apps we consider to be the best for android, but it doesn’t end there as there are other notable mentions which would be listed.


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