Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat For October 2017

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by Luqtech, Oct 20, 2017.

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    To my free browsing cheat lovers i want to inform you that the Glo Free Browsing Tweak with AnonyTun VPN is released, up and ready to go. Today we are going to make use of a very popular VPN "The AnonyTun VPN", we have also used this VPN to enjoy free browsing on Glo with this popular server "" but now its entirely different.
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    With the AnonyTun VPN on Glo Network, you all can browse for free using any application on your android device such as; Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media applications you can think of, no browser is exceptional it can aslo be used on all browsers such as; opera mini, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers. This free browsing cheat/tweak can also be shared through WiFI on your Laptop or with friends so enjoy....

    Now back to my topic, before you enjoy this free browsing cheat you must download our VPN of today, the AnonyTun VPN "REBIRTH", After downloading the AnonyTun VPN, kindly follow the configurations settings below to start surfing, downloading and streaming of online videos for free yea i mean for free
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    Download AnonyTun VPN Here From Google Playstore
    Or Download From an External Link Here.
    Kindly Navigate to your Smartphone/Android Device settings---Mobile Network and configure your Glo Network Settings with a very fast APN to enable high speed connectivity.
    Access Point Name: Glo VPN
    Access Point: 176.90.6868.67
    Port: 4430
    After downloading AnonyTun VPN application, kindly install and Launch it.
    Follow the steps and configuration settings to enjoy free browsing on your Glo Network.
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    Launch AnonyTun VPN, Click on Stealth Settings, Turn your Stealth Tunnel ON
    AnonyTun VPN Free Browsing Cheat With Glo
    Note: The diagram will explain better....
    Change your Connection Protocol to HTTP after Turning ON your Stealth Tunnel.
    Use 9201/8081/80 as your connection port below the connection protocol.
    Disable/Untick Connect VIA Parent Proxy (
    Now click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header below VIA Parent Proxy.

    Fill in the configuration settings below in the space provided.

    Request Method: Get
    Injection Method: Normal
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    Now Tick "Forward Host", "Keep Alive and "User Agent"
    Leave the remaining boxes unticked.

    Kindly Click Generate Button and Save.
    AnonyTun VPN Free Browsing Cheat With Glo
    Minimize your AnonyTun VPN and turn on your data connection, open AnonyTun VPN and select the big connect button to start surfing the internet, downloading, streaming of online videos for free.
    Kindly share with friends and don't forget to use the comment box to add contributions and testimonies to our post.
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    Without data, Glo signal doesn't come on. How will someone use this now?

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    same issue here.. or is it capped#

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