Recover text Messages on Android with Black Screen

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    During the use of our smart android phones, many problems can happen due to accidental phone broken, when a phone is broken, the screen of a mobile phone can go completely black. The black screen usually indicates that there is a problem that will need to be fixed before the user has access to it again. However, sometimes, after the phone repaired, many data can be lost, it can be another problem that your lost some important files from your phone. But now, I can offer you a tip to rescue your text messages in the Android phone with black screen.
    MobiKin Doctor for Android is the professionally designed program for Android smartphone users to restore everything from Android phones and tablets.

    Recover Text Messages from Android Phone with Black Screen.

    Step1: Run the Doctor for Android program
    Download and install the MobiKin Doctor for Android on your desktop computer or your laptop and then connect the Android device via a USB cable to the same computer.


    Step 2: Scan Android phone for wanted SMS
    You should choose "Messages" category to let the program scan your Android device for all of its text messages.

    Step 3: Recover SMS on Android with black screen
    The results found should be previewed by you and then selected for recovery.

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    Android data recovery program can help us recover text messages on Android with black screen easily. First connec Android to computer via usb cable, open the program. Then data like contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, music, videos, books, etc can be recovered.

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